Great American Cleanup May 3

Join us May 3 at 9 a.m. at one of two sites - downtown Danville (library parking lot) or Douglas Discovery Garden (Florida St. & Wayne St.) for the Great American Cleanup. Planting flowers and litter pickup will be the main focus downtown Danville and all flower beds will be planted. Douglas Discovery Garden will be cleaning out beds, spreading mulch, picking up litter, and planting vegetables. Lunch will be provided to the volunteers who have worked and this is a wonderful day of service. Contact Shelly Larson ( if you wish to plant downtown. Contact Lynn Wolgamot ( if you want to work in the garden. Volunteers are needed - any age welcome!

Going Back to Basics

The KVCB board has decided to get back to basics and go clean up. Board members are committed to picking up litter the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, starting April 24. The board will be at Carver Park in Danville at 4:30 p.m. and pickup litter in the area for 2 hours. Danville Public Works employees will be keeping a list of places to be picked up within city limits. The board will be working with Peer Court kids who have 'picked up the guantlet' of keeping Vermilion County Beautiful by picking up litter. Please email Cindy Parson ( or Shelly Larson ( to find out where and when the next pick up will be held or LIKE KVCB on Facebook to get the most current information.

Board members will also be picking up litter in villages throughout the county one Saturday a month. The idea of going into the villages piggybacks on the Leadership Tomorrow Class 26 project. The leadership class is going into villages and helping with projects. On April 26, they will be in Georgetown in the morning and Westville in the afternoon and on May 17, they will be volunteering in Rossville.

Who says residents in Vermilion County don't care how their streets and parks look after this long winter season? They care to clean it up and so do we!

Volunteers welcome!!!

Keep Vermillion County Beautiful Goals:

To change the behavior of those who litter with long term and lasting solutions.
The beautification of the county, one community at a time.
To make each person aware that “every litter bit hurts”.
To make Vermilion County a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more beautiful place to live and work.

By forging partnerships with the public and private sectors, Keep Vermilion County Beautiful will focus on litter prevention, education, and beautification. KVCB supports all recycling efforts taking place within the county.


Adopt-A-Spot :

Cleaning Up

Do you like to walk?   Would you like to influence your children or grandchildren by teaching them a ‘life-long’ habit?   If so, then KVCB has the program for you!

Cleaning Up

Adopt-A-Spot was developed by HALO, Danville’s PRIDE GROWS, and KVCB to give individuals and groups the chance to pick up litter and enter into a litter lottery three times a year earning a chance to win money for doing the right thing…picking up litter.

Adopt-A-Spot is seeking volunteers who will pick up litter at least 3 times per year:  once in the Spring, Summer and Fall.   Once you register with KVCB (form is below) you can pick your spot and you will be sent a Litter Lottery form at the end of May, August and October.    KVCB will give you pickers, vest, gloves and bags, if you need them.

Register TODAY and start teaching the next generation Lesson 1 – DO NOT LITTER

And Lesson 2 – Pick up any litter you come across to make your part of the world a better, cleaner place!

Adopt-A-Spot registration form can be downloaded from here:

Adopt-A-Spot registration form